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 ok, heres the second part in my new untitled fic. it's short but it's still early so yea.. got plenty of time to write. this one starts the kinda loving part but it's nothing sexual yet. in later chaps it will be though. :D and, the years in here I got from this link click on the 'cast' part and you'll find everyone. :D. it was kinda kool.

2. Later that evening when everyone was dismissed Jacob was brought out of his own world by Michael. “Let’s get home so you can take some Aspirin or something.” he said. Jacob nodded and stood with Michael’s help.

When Jacob took a step his ankle gave out and he started to fall again. Michael caught him before he could hit the floor. “Piggy-back?” Michael asked with a grin. Jacob grinned foolishly and climbed onto Michael’s back.

They started the ten block trek back to their apartment building. They shared the building with all the other guys in the production as well.

John spotted the two when he pulled out of the back parking lot. He sped up to them and pulled over to talk. “You want a ride? It’s pretty far if you’re walking.” he said. 

He put his car in park and rushed to help put Jacob in the backseat when Michael put him down.

They made Jacob as comfortable as they could in John’s small car. His feet were propped up on John’s duffel bag and numerous other strewn about items he owned.

“So, how long you two been in the show?” John asked trying to make conversation with them. “I came in September of ‘96.” Michael replied with a smile. “I started in October ‘94.” Jacob replied.

John chuckled and turned down a road leading to their building. “So, have you just played the two parts or were you all over the place?” he asked. “I started as Pouncival but when the guy playing Misto left I was put in as that part.” Jacob said.

John nodded and looked back at him through the rear view mirror. “You sure you’re comfortable back there? I know there can’t be that much room.” he said. 

Jacob grinned big and nodded. “Yeah, I’m alright. It’s roomy enough back here for my big butt.” he said.

The three were silent until they got down the street from their apartment building. John chuckled when he seen Jason and Bryn walking down the sidewalk. 

“Wanna make them scream like girls?” he asked with a mischievous grin.

Jacob and Michael shared a look and laughed. John crept behind Jason and Bryn slowly. 

When they started to cross the street; John honked his horn loud. Bryn only startled and looked behind them fast. Jason; as predicted by John; screamed loud and fell to the pavement.

John and the other two laughed hard. Bryn laughed as well; his hands were on his hips in mock anger but his laughter kept him from complaining. A minute later Jason stood and seen John and the other two.

Jason laughed and shook his head; then walked across the road to their apartment building. The others followed quick.

John parked his car at the side of the building and helped Michael get Jacob out of the car and inside. With a slight struggle they got Jacob up the stairs to his apartment. They helped him get comfortable on the couch and Michael left.

Jacob sighed tiredly and laid his head against the arm of the couch. His eyes were closed but he couldn’t relax; he could feel John’s eyes on him and it made him feel nervous. With another sigh; this time with a twinge of annoyance he opened his eyes and looked over at John.

John stood from the overstuffed leather chair and sat on the couch by Jacob’s hip. Neither spoke; just stared at each other. Before Jacob could find his voice and stop everything; John leaned forward and kissed him hard.

Again Jacob melted at John’s touch.

Just as quick as the kiss started it ended. Jacob let out a disappointed whimper before he could stop himself. John grinned foolishly and stood to leave. When he got to the door he opened it and turned back to Jacob.

“Just wait ‘til you’re healed and I’ll give you more. Hope you like it rough.” he said then went out into the hallway.

Jacob looked at the closed door for a moment then laughed crazily. He reached behind him for his phone. He needed to call Michael and tell him what just happened and about what John had said. He felt also that was the time he needed to come out to Michael as well.

He hoped Michael took that news well.

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