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Dead Community is Dead

I watched Cats again for the first time today since I
Big deal, considering that now I'm 18.
And it figures that, once again, I'm attracted to the most horrendously obscure pairing.
Tugger and Misto
Well, if anyone ever comes back (XD, it's DEAD!)

I'm writing a new story for them because even if no one reads it - the inspiration is there now.
If anyone would like me to post this story on LJ, I'd be happy to oblige, but I'm terribly lazy so until I get requested to, this is it.

Title: Sure Heat
Author: Me!
Pairing: Tugger/Misto
Rating: Probably hard M in later chapters, but for now only PG for a certain Rum Tum Word.
Summary: Would curiosity have killed the cat if he'd had a magician for a lover? It might just kill them both.
Notes: They're anthro, here, I guess, because while they're not human, they're not CATS either. The look how they look in the play - like people in cat suits.
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