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the newbie's first fic. :D

Title: as of yet untitled. *all my fic's start that way*
Paring: John/Jacob. lil bit of a hint of Michael and Bryn. 
Rating: this chap meh, PG-13 for language
Warnings: in future chap, implied rape but I will not be describing it. I couldnt even if I tried. 
Beta: Usually my girl unbridledlove but she is really busy with school righ now so this one is un beta'd. please bear with me on mistakes. :D
Disclaimer: yea I own nothing of CATS, except a program I got at the theatre when I saw it in Tulsa earlier this month. which cost ten bucks. better than an eight dollar magnet! this be just a figment of my twisted imagination. its not real. *although if it were, itd be HOT! lol. 

*EDIT, September 23rd 2007. went and edited all the chaps I have up so its easier to read and stuff. if we get feed back I might post five.* :D

It had been five years since the cast of Broadway's longest running play CATS heard 'CUT WRAP PRINT, LOVE YOU GUYS!' shouted for the last time during the filming over a three month period. A few cast members were lucky enough to find a long lasting relationship with a fellow dancer. All of them had a very good friendship. Still very close even now.

Chap one:

Jacob was lonely, he always was now since John was out of the country with his stage group in the plays he had gotten roles for. Jacob laid on the bed they shared, robotically throwing a baseball at the top of the door frame. It missed and went flying into the hall. 

"Ow! What the hell!?" Michael exclaimed and came into the bedroom holding the ball in one hand and the side of his head in the other.

"I'm so sorry Mike! I didnt mean to do that at all! Are you ok?" Jacob went to his hurt friend. He tried to inspect Mike's head but he was stopped.

"Yeah Im ok, why were you throwing a ball at the door in the first place?" Michael replied 

Jacob flopped backward on the bed with a loud sigh. "I miss John. I wanted to keep my mind off of him being gone for a little bit. Have you talked to him any this week?" he asked.

"No, last I talked to John was Thursday. He said that he'd be home soon, everything is wrapping up with him. He asked that I not tell you but I can't stand seeing you misrible, you're too sweet to be all sad and lonely. Turns out that all the physical demands of his role is really doing a number on him. Also he says he's starting to get a little bit of blue balls from being away from you for such a long time." Michael said.

That made Jacob laugh hard. "Did he really say that?" he asked holding his stomach and wiping the tears out of his eyes. He felt a little better after he heard that his Tugger was returning home soon. Felt good to laugh as well.

Michael laughed at his friend. He looked so adorable when he was truly happy. 

"Not the blue balls part but everything else. I just wanted to see you smile again. Before you even ask, yes he told me when he would be back, but that I'm not telling. He'll get pissed if I tell you." He kissed Jacob's forehead. 

Michael started to stand up and leave the room when the front door slammed shut. "Bryn? That you?" No answer.

"Bryn?" he called again. 

Still no answer. He told Jake to stay put and walked out of the bedroom. He silently crept into the living room expecting to see a wannabe burgular.

'Shoulda found a weapon, could be armed with something' he thought. 

He didn't have time to have another thought as the person grabbed him, quickly putting thier hand over his mouth before he could yell out. He was whirled around and came face to face with John. 

Michael went wide eyed. "What are you doing back so soon? you said you wouldnt be back til the end of the month." he whispered.

John laughed. "I figured you'd tell Jakie, so I told you that I wouldn't be coming home til then, but I called Bryn and he came and got me from the airport."

"Well, I had to tell him that you would be coming back soon cause he's all sad and lonely. But I didn't tell him when. He really missed you." Michael said.

"Where is he?" John asked. Michael didn't need to answer. Jacob called from the bedroom "Mike? Everything ok?"

"Yeah!" Mike yelled back. "Just a loonie that got confused, Im going out for a while, want me to pick anything up special for you?"

"Is Bryn here? I don't want to be alone." Jacob called back.

"No punkin, He went out an hour or so ago. Im going to go meet up with him." Michael replied 

John started up the stairs, he heard Jacob let out a little whine. It broke his heart. He turned back to Mike for a second. "Im gonna get you for that loonie comment." he said smiling. Then started back toward his lover. 

He found Jacob laying on the bed curled up in a tight ball hugging his pillow. He had his eyes closed, tears threated to spill over. 

Silently he climed in beside him. "Jakieeeee." John whispered, trailing a finger over his small nose. Jacob only shut his eyes tighter, hugging the pillow to him so tight his arms were white. 

"I miss you so much John, please come home. I need you." he said.

"Open your eyes Jakie." John said in his normal tone.

Jacob's bloodshot brown eyes met with soft blue ones. He squealed loud. Almost knocked John off the bed from the force of him diving on his chest. Their mouths met in a crushing passionate kiss.

"I missed you so much." Jake told his lover. "I was so lonely, Mike and Bryn tried to help me but I couldn't take it anymore. It got so bad earlier that I accidently hit Mike upside his head with a baseball. Please, don't leave me alone anymore. I didn't like sleeping by myself."

John hushed Jacob's rambles with another kiss. "I missed you too, more than anything. From now on when I go Im taking you with me. No fun being alone and wanting some lovin." he said.

Jacob smiled. "Well, I can fix the lovin part now. But are you ready to go for hours on end? Im gonna fuck you til next month." he said with a coy grin.

John laughed. That wouldn't be a problem right now.

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