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Waaah! :D

I finally have a good birthday coming up! CATS will be in Raleigh, NC on MY birthday (Jan 26) and mom said I could go! :D

Now..I just wish I knew who was in the cast o_O

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congrats. :D.

I would say 'hope you have fun.' but that's kinda a no duh thing lol. wouldnt it be great if john or jacob were in that cast? :D. that might give me an idea for a new fic for them. *trails off lost in thought*
nice! :D yeh it would be!! xD I know its slim for John but perhaps Jake! :D *drags Jake out of what ever he's doing and places him on the tour bus* There taken care of that! :D
Ah, I hope you loved it! I actually saw it in Raleigh the day after that, for the first time ever!