Cassity (babygurl8504) wrote in tugger4misto,

ok, in hopes to kinda bring this back to life. I'm gonna start a new fic. it's not gonna be  very long, just a few chaps. of course will have plenty of torture and saving. a lil bit of love mixed in as well. 

1. Jacob looked around the crowded room nervously. He just arrived in London the day before to shoot the video for CATS. He was scared and apprehensive about the whole thing. He didn’t like meeting new people and was too shy to just start talking with someone. But with Michael there with him; he felt a little at ease.

Even though Jacob started the stage show a couple years before Michael; Michael helped him better his talents. He loved Michael like an older brother and was thankful for his friendship and advice on anything.

But, the one thing Michael couldn’t help him on was dating. Mainly because Jacob hadn’t told Michael he was in fact gay. Michael always set him up on dates with women and was disappointed when the friendship between Jacob and the women didn’t escalate to an intimate relationship.

Just as Jacob was ready to scream and hide from the chattering woman beside him; someone walked into the room. All the women and half the men swooned crazily upon seeing him. Jacob chuckled and shook his head. ‘Must be Tugger.’ he thought to himself.

Jacob looked to all the other performers again. He noted that the only three guys not making googily eyes at John were Michael, Ken, and Drew. An amused smile crossed his face when he seen the silver band on Drew’s left ring finger.

He was knocked out of his thoughts when someone thumped his head. He looked over startled to see John standing in front of him laughing. “Yeah, you’re the one they told me about.” John said with a grin. “You’re playing Misto right?”

Jacob stared at him for a moment before nodding. “Yeah, I’m Jake.” he said.

John’s smile grew and he surprised Jacob by hugging him. “Hope you have fun here.” he said when he pulled away. “And, if anyone gives you hell about anything; come find me and I’ll kill them for ya. Or, just tell’em you’re John’s boy and they’ll leave you alone.” he gave Michael a grin then went to another group of people.

“‘John’s Boy’?” Jacob asked confused. Michael shrugged and sat on the floor. Jacob followed and huddled close to him. “I dunno.” Michael replied. “Guess he likes you or something.”

Jacob shrugged and looked back to John. ‘He is cute.’ he thought to himself. ‘I’ll just see where this might go.’

His thoughts were interrupted again as Gillian came into the room. After a quick introduction of everyone the first dance rehearsal started.

Much to Jacob’s displeasure his part was chosen first. John started the song while the pianist played. Jacob felt more nervous than usual when he felt all eyes on him.

During one of the turns he got too dizzy and fell hard on his hip. He felt his ankle twist painfully in a position he knew it wasn’t suppose to be in. He turned onto his back and groaned loud. Michael was already beside him checking for any broken bones.

Gillian crouched beside Michael.

Jacob whimpered when he was sat up. He looked back and seen John holding him up. “You’ll be fine. It’s probably just a sprain.” John said gently. Jacob felt himself relax and he melted into John’s embrace.

When Michael and Gillian were done checking Jacob over; he was carried to the side and given an icepack and ordered to stay off his feet for the rest of the day. His understudy was put in for the rest of the day’s rehearsals.

Jacob watched everyone disappointed. “You did great, Idiot. Not even on your feet for five minutes and you get hurt. You’re a damn klutz; you should quit.” he told himself angrily.

He grabbed up his messenger bag and dug through it until he found his walkman. He put in the first CD he found and blared the music so the pianist’s music would be drown out of his mind.

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