Cassity (babygurl8504) wrote in tugger4misto,

Title: Beautiful Feelings. *yay! finally titled! just came to me when a song started lol*
Pairing: John/Jacob smallest hint of Michael/Bryn.
Rating: PG-PG13 for language.
Warnings: still in future chap, implied rape but will not describe it.
Beta: again unbeta'd. :D

John felt happy again. He had his lover back with him. He missed Jacob so much that he faked being injured so he could come back home. He never did that in the past. Somewhat truthful he was injured, his heart ached. But that pain healed as soon as he saw Jake. He couldn’t stop smiling.

Jacob snuggled closer to John in his sleep. He woke when he felt John lightly kissing his face. "Good morning gorgeous." John said softly. 

They kissed lovingly. "I missed you so much John, I thought you’d never come back." Jacob told him when their lips parted. 

"What made you think I wouldn’t come back?" John wiped away the tears that fell from Jacob’s eyes.

"Someone years ago, they always told me that I would never be worth anybody’s love. Anyone I was with would get bored with me after a while, leave and never come back. They always said I wasn’t worth the time or feelings that a relationship needed. So when you didn’t say when you would come back home I just felt like you were leaving me forever. I was scared. I wanted to disappear." he said 

Jacob was crying harder now, emotional scars that he thought had healed were being reopened and it hurt. It hurt bad. 

John held him, letting him cry. He felt like crying himself. How could anyone say that to a person? What kind of heartless bastard could get joy out of putting someone through so much hurt?

Soon Jacob’s sobs softened. He pulled back so he could look John in his eyes. "You’ll never leave me will you?" his voice broke a bit. 

John cupped Jacob’s face in his hand then kissed him. "I swear to you, I will never leave you. I’ve never once thought of it. Never will. You’re my life. When I take my last dying breath I want you there with me."

They lay in bed for a while longer, holding each other, listing to the other breathing. It was moments like this that they could have a comfortable silence and without words let the other know just how much he meant to him. 

"Want to go downstairs and see if we can manage to cook something without burning the whole house down?" John asked. 

Jacob nodded. He was hungry. He hadn’t eaten anything since the previous morning. That was only because Michael had made him, refused to leave the kitchen table until Jacob had eaten at least half of his breakfast. 

They walked into the kitchen, on the fridge John saw a folded up piece of paper.


Bryn and I got a hotel room for the night, we figured you and Jake would want to be alone for a while. We’ll be home sometime in the evening. Don’t have too much sex. There’s fresh groceries so you two won’t starve. Just don’t let Jake near the frying pans. He likes to drop them on feet. Welcome back and we’ll see you later’


John laughed at the note. "So, Mike took away your frying pan rights?"

Jacob looked innocently at him. "I only dropped it on Bryn’s foot twice."

They both laughed. John got all the essential things to make a proper meal. Jacob stayed out of the way for the most part. Only getting little things like spices when John asked him to. 

They ate, then decided to sit and watch movies. Although they weren’t sure how much movie watching they’d get done. They both weren’t done with the love making session that they so missed.

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