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Beautiful Feelings Chap 3

Title: Beautiful Feelings.
Pairing: John/Jacob smallest hint of Michael/Bryn.
Rating: R for subject matter
Warnings: this is the one I warned you about.
Beta: again unbeta'd. :D
Disclaimer: still the same, don’t own anything but a program. But I do own the character of Brad in this one.

John couldn’t stop thinking about what Jacob had said about never finding someone who truly loved him. He thought about the person who told all those lies to Jacob. He couldn’t understand how someone could say that to a person and hurt them like that. 

He held his love close while he slept. He nuzzled into Jacob’s spiked hair, inhaling deeply. He always loved the scent of Honey Dew shampoo that Jacob always used. 

Car headlights shone through the front window. Michael and Bryn were back. 

He gently moved Jacob aside so he could stand. Jacob woke slightly. He looked up at John sleepily. "What time is it?" he asked covering his mouth hiding a yawn. 

"It’s just after ten o’clock, Mike and Bryn just got back. Want me to carry you to bed?" Jacob nodded, he was far too tired to try to walk on his own, that and he loved when John carried him anywhere.

John gently scooped him into his arms, Jacob snuggled into John’s chest. 

He carried Jacob to their bed, after getting him settled and more than comfortable he went looking for Michael. 

He would find out who caused his Jakie so much heartache. Then he’d hunt them down and beat them to within an inch of their lives. 

Michael and Bryn were in their room cuddled together in a deep passionate kiss. "Ahem" John made his presence known. 

Michael looked over his shoulder at him. "Hey John, what can we do for you?" He asked now sitting up. 

"I want to ask you about something, Jakie told me about something that happened to him a long time ago, since you’re the one that’s known him the longest I thought you’d know."

Michael was worried slightly at his friends expression. He looked really troubled. "Yeah, ask anything, I might know what you’re talking about."

John looked down at the floor sitting on the edge of the bed. "Jacob told me today that he thought that I wasn’t coming back home. When I asked him why he thought that he told me that someone a long time ago told him that he would never find someone who loved him. That anyone he was with would get bored with him after a while and just leave never coming back."

Michael stopped him there. "Brad" he said. 

John looked confused. "Who?"

"Brad Williams. Jacob’s first so called boyfriend. They were together while we were still in New York. Brad was a dick. Always had to control everything Jake said or did. He was really abusive too. Remember when Jake told you that the first time the two of you ever made love it was his first time?" John nodded, he was more worried now than ever. 

"Well, that wasn’t totally true." Michael looked at the bed sheets, the horrific memories of that night came flooding back to him.


Michael had just settled in for the night, he was exhausted from dance earlier. Now he just wanted to relax and try to sleep. He heard someone pounding on his front door, they were sobbing yelling his name. 

He ran to the door throwing it open. Jacob fell in at his feet. Michael went down to him. He was hurt, so much blood on his body. He was clothed in just a pair of pajama pants. They too were blood soaked. 

"Oh my God! Jacob what happened?! Where are you hurt?!" He brought Jacob into his arms. 

"Mike, he hurt me so bad! Brad did! He just started beating me. He was furious cause I didn’t want to have sex with him. Then he hurt me, he hurt me so bad! He kept throwing me to the floor. Kept punching me."

Michael held Jacob tighter, he didn’t need to finish telling what happened. "Brad raped you didn’t he Jake?’"he asked softly. 

Jacob nodded. 

"I'm taking you to a hospital. Don’t try to argue, you’re going. He could have caused some sort of internal damage. You have to be checked over by a doctor."

Michael stood with Jacob in his arms, he would have to carry him the five blocks to the Emergency Room. 

"What if Brad finds me and comes to do it again?" Jacob asked scared. 

"Then I’ll kill him Jacob, I swear I will, What he did to you. He shouldn’t be allowed to be anywhere near you." Michael vowed


"Mike?" John shook him slightly. 

Michael came back into reality. "Brad raped Jacob, Almost killed him. Took almost a month to get him well enough that he could at least get out of the hospital. I was so glad when we both got the London parts. That meant Brad wouldn’t be able to come within five feet of Jacob, I swore to him that night that if Brad ever came back I’d kill him. Meant it wholeheartedly then, still do now." Michael had tears streaming down his face freely.

As did John and Bryn. 

John spoke finally. "Where is Brad at now?"

Michael shrugged, They had thankfully been able to get away from Brad. He never came to London. Neither had seen him since that night. 

"I don’t know, prison I hope. The hospital called the cops. They said that they’d go out looking for him but we weren’t told if they actually found him or not." he said

John had so many emotions running thorough him now. Anger, fear, sadness. He wanted to hold Jacob and just cry. 

He looked at Michael. "Thank you for telling me. I was so confused when Jake told me that someone said all that bullshit to him. I fully understand why he couldn’t tell me himself. He’s still terrified that Brad will find him." He stood to leave the room. 

Michael grabbed hold of his arm stopping him. "Wait." he said. John sat back on the bed. 

"There’s still a chance that Brad is still out there. But I highly doubt that he will find where Jacob is now. Now that you know, just remember to look out when the two of you are out together. I also told Jacob when he first started falling in love with you that if he felt that he needed to that he should tell you. He was scared that you wouldn’t want someone who had to go through that. He refuses to talk about it now so I’d not discuss it with him." he said.

John said that he wouldn’t bring it up ever. He walked back to the bedroom that his lover was sleeping peacefully in totally unaware of the conversation that he had just had with Michael. At least thats what John thought.

John laid down beside Jacob, pulling him close to him. He kissed the top of Jacob’s head. "I swear to you Jacob that I will never let anyone hurt you ever again. I’ll die to protect you. I love you more than you can ever imagine." 

That night John cried himself to sleep, never letting his lover out of his arms.

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